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Kizuna hApp Technical Deep Dive-Part 2 (Holochain-in-Action-10) Neighborhood & Partition explained

00:00:00 Intro
00:03:26 Kizuna hApp zomes overview
00:18:33 what is P2P Message? and neighborhood in holochain
00:29:37 All zomes brief review
00:30:35 deep dive to Username zome
00:44:15 how to deal with of user name duplication? Partition in DNA explained.
00:53:28 Identity Management and DeepKey
01:01:50 deep dive to Contact zome

Thanks to @tats_sato for this session.

These sessions are mostly suitable for programmers and designers, so if you would like to participate you need to fill-out this application in advance.

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These technical deep dives are amazing in the depth of practical experience and knowledge sharing that Kizuna is gifting. Grateful for all that participate!


Yes that’s true. I am also grateful for all our friends who are participating the meetings.
With special Thanks to @tats_sato and all other team members of Kizuna and you @guillemcordoba for attending and sharing your knowledge with others.

Looking forward also to see other projects sharing their practical design & coding experiences to public in our meetings.


It is soooo fun to be able to converse and share these practices and patterns with the community! :laughing:
My wish is that our learnings can help other projects in their "happ"y journey!

My deepest gratitude for providing such a wonderful space for people to be able to play and converse together @hedayat and to @guillemcordoba for all the expertise that you give, and last but definitely not least, thank you to all who participated (and to those who will watch the recordings :laughing:)!

See you at the next one :grin: