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Kizuna hApp Technical Deep Dive P3 -Signaling, Lazy Loading, Capability Token, Indexing in Holochain

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:37 Peer 2 Peer Message zome review start
00:09:00 initi function of zome & capability token
00:16:02 continue p2p message zome review
00:21:40 Capability Token in send message
00:35:38 Signaling. Remote-Signal & Emit-Signal.
00:39:56 Signal in typing functionality
00:42:55 Lazy-loading from source chain.
00:50:58 more data on local source chain or on dht?
00:52:11 Group zome review
00:58:29 Indexing & Lazing loading in DHT
01:16:17 Aggregator zome review
01:19:55 How to communicate with Kizuna
01:22:53 ending

Thanks to @tats_sato for this session.

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