John Vervaeke's lecture series on meaning -- listicle of important conceptions of sense-making

This topic will be dedicated to important snippets from John Vervaeke’s Awakening from the Meaning Crisis lecture series. This series is an opportunity to study deeply the fundamentals of sense-making capacities, to potentially inform the design of sense-making tools that are built with Holochain or otherwise.

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Plato’s psyche model applied to sense-making feedback:

Rational mind (trains) Social mind (tames) Appetite mind -> inner conflict resolved -> more in touch with reality -> able to notice real patterns in environment -> reason about patterns -> train social mind -> loops again…

Jordan Greenhall would talk about this model as a way of increasing ‘sovereignty’

generation of variations + constraining of variations = virtual engine

wisdom grows and develops with virtual engines

I’m kind of surprised to find this kind of material on the forum but then this is Holochain, not the usual geeky stuff. I know John Vervaeke from the Rebel Wisdom video channel. I also saw that Daniel Schmachtenberger and Jordan Hall were mentioned in a Holochain context, on sense-making. These people are definitely onto something big that gets little attention in mainstream conversation.


Aristotle: to know is to conform

Co-identification: Agent & Arena mutually determine each other’s identity. This is meaningfully/existentially important to agents

I’m not at all surprised to find this here. It’s been emerging on my radar recently too, and when in the second video (that’s where I’m at so far), he talks about literacy and metacognition, I immediately thought of @zippy’s description of Ceptr/Holochain as enabling a new kind of grammatic capacity. I’m not under any hopium-fueled delusion that Ceptr/Holochain will be the thing that leads to the next major psycho-technological revolution, but I’m really enjoying this series and extrapolating from it into the near future, wondering what happens next.

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