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JALA's Vision

We envision a world economy that cares and therefore has positive impact, creating wealth common to all beings equitably.

We believe that the most fundamental flow in families and communities of all size is care: care for self and other, care for all aspects of life: natural, social, cultural, financial and spiritual. When we care and are cared for:
We feel good because we can live comfortably.
We feel beautiful because our deeper needs are met.
We feel true because what we think and do is in harmony.

Care is what flows, it is the basic currency of communities. It is the fundamental metric if we want to measure the wealth common to individuals, families, groups and communities. Care, as a quality, is hard to to measure. But care, as a quantity, can more readily measure what we do or produce to contribute value to the environment and communities we are part of.

Jala brings financial tools to communities in the informal economy, specifically to people living in slums and inadequate housing. Tools that enhance the scope and power of the care necessary to build a better future for all.

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