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It finally clicked for me that currencies on the level of relationships are literally the edges of a graph

It took me way too long to realise just this. But yo, this is really powerful now, it wasn’t obvious until now what features of Holochain mapped to the Deep Wealth currencies. I think it’s making sense

So here’s my current mapping between Deep Wealth and Holochain features, probably too reductive but its helping me understand:

  1. Speculative wealth: tokens

  2. Tradable wealth: mutual-credit accounting, sharing/borrowing tracking

  3. Measurable wealth: deliberate linking of state data to agents, objects and events like HoloVault/Personas, holo-health, HoloREA

  4. Rankable wealth: subjective and objective evaluations, such as likes, ratings, leaderboards, white/blacklists and other expressions of reputation

  5. Relational wealth: the raw and heterogeneous relationships between agents and entries in social graphs, not deliberately recorded, but automatically captured as agents go about their lives using Holochain platforms and protocols

    i. directed graphs recording actual data flows e.g direct agent-2-agent communication
    ii. movement of signals, with contextual information (e.g. how they are received and processed, lifetime) e.g. Ceptr semantic trees/graphs

  6. Evolutionary wealth: examination of all the above currencies, which is expressed as discussions, models and immersive, real-time visualisations/experiences, as well as all the conclusions agents have made about how systems could evolve


i like this

Well articulated @marcus. Point no. 4 stands out because I think it’s where the crux of agent centric paradigms lie. It’s the equivalent of a ‘net-worth statement’ of the traditional economy. Would love to chat more.


It will be great if holochain or you could write an article to elaborate more on your points with background and context? I think that would be very educational.


To be clear, this is just me slapping my own meaning onto the Deep Wealth diagram, which I’ve stared at many times before and haven’t found it useful for much, except that “money is pretty basic, huh”. It clicked for me that the links between entries in DHT graphs are capturing relationships, so relational currencies are perhaps the easiest currencies to implement with Holochain, and they’re very powerful to use when examining the health of a social system.

I then put other Holochain apps and currencies into the other buckets but it’s not rigorous at all and kinda arbitrary


This is amazing. I would love to hear more about it.

I love light-turning-on moments like this. If I don’t have at least one of these a week I feel like I’m regressing :rofl: