Issue with starting new project

I ran hc init project-name
hc package which worked fine. Then I ran hc generate zomes/zome-name rust-proc which generated template code
but when I ran hc package again, holochain did not compile my zome. I checked the dna json file and the zome was not added.

here’s the file contents of my dna file
“properties”: {}
current fix I found was to copy the devcamp learning pathways project and delete/rename all the files

Hi @Alexr1239, this seems to be the same issue as this one: Following Create new App tutorial fails. Can you try the fix I suggest there?

@guillemcordoba That was the first thing I looked into. I tried copying other cargo.toml’s , did a cargo check which worked fine. One of my old projects seemed to have the same problem too.

I’ll try your solution exactly though.