[ISOC] 2020 Chapters Training Program: Shaping the Internet

For any existing ISOC (Internet Society) members, don’t forget to apply for this year’s training program before February 25th: Internetsociety.org/chapters/2020-training-program

It would probably be good if a Holochainer could participate in the following topic:
Shaping the Internet

Thus, the ISOC could get in touch with Holochain. I myself won’t apply because I am engaged otherwise.


@bear @carolyn is this on your radar? :point_up:


Now it is :slight_smile:

It seems that folks need to be part of a specific chapter to enroll though


Anyone interested in this? Deadline is today!

@carolyn I am interested. what is the plan for registration? anybody who interested should register individually or you have a plan for registration from Holochainer?

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You would apply separately, but if there is a place in the form to mention projects you represent, you can call yourself a Holochainer for sure

It seems you have to register/create account through the internet society first, find a chapter nearest to you and then complete application for their training program.



Thanks so much for sharing this info!

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Maybe next year!