ISO app builder; 49% stake for services

Hello. I am not very proficient in building apps or programs. I do have an idea for an app based around men’s and women’s aesthetic services. If you’re interested in helping or building it, I will give you 49% of the the entire business upon completion. It could be a total waste of time and effort, or it can produce income at high levels once completed… sit back and do nothing.



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Oh the choice is relentless! I’ll settle with these two:


Businesses start with customers, not ideas, products or services. If you truly believe in your idea then start posting here what it’s about so others can see and contribute if they so wish, like I am now because I believe if you took the effort to post here then you obviously value your idea at least a small amount, so let’s see how small, or big, that amount is.

If however you want to throw every argument up about how you can’t possibly post here about your app idea then fine, I have decades of experience replying to all sorts of retorts, however why not just save your time and mine and let us all into your secret cos you never know, someone or some people might just also want to be part of the success of it too.



Indeed you are hostile, Fine Sir. If you’re interested, and feel that you can build an app along the lines of a Yelp or UBER, we can be hostile together.

Trying to be helpful not hostile.

Good luck in your endeavours!

…actually, let’s go there, cos it’s Friday night and the feeling’s right :wink:

OK, so here’s my ‘slightly more comical reply’ which will no doubt be classified as further hostility:

Here’s a pre-made graphic for your forthcoming website to help with your project:

On that note, for the amusement of anyone else who happens to see this and hasn’t seen it already, this is a wonderful read - “Missing Missy”.

Again, I do hope you find what you are looking for. Life is way too short. But also quite long too.

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Can I join you? I can build whatever you want!

It seems like you no longer need an app builder, that’s sad. Does anyone know where I can find any offer like this? I’ve been working with creating apps of different types for 4 years already, so it’s quite annoying when I can’t find a good project out there. It usually doesn’t take much time for me to find one, but this year is kind of empty for me. My last app was created through the app builder several months ago, and it was created for a telemedicine company to track the cases, gather some data about their patients, etc. But now I wanna work on something else, so that’s why I hoped to join this project.