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Is Holochain compliant with RINA (Recursive Internetwork Architecture)?

RINA is a Non-IP network architecture …
I wonder if Holochain can work with such an architecture ?

More about RINA : https://www.topincs.com/EntangledBootstrap/2111

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Never heard of it before you mentioned it, but it’s really interesting!
Sounds like this is a good match for Holochain :slight_smile: (just an enthusiastic speaking, nothing more)
However, when searching around, I didn’t get really how much the real world usage would be nowadays (I would think 0, besides academic testing?)

I think this is more like a theoretical/future-proof question, right? Or do you have a working RINA network?

The only working RINA network I’m aware of is RINArmenia : https://rinarmenia.com/

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