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IoT research publication about security and Holochain

summer 2020 publication about IoT security and Holochain! Super!!

more research about IoT and Holochain from in 5 different Universities in middle eastern area

Interesting and exciting!

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This research and use-case is quite exciting indeed! Should turn some heads lol

I thought SSL was deprecated? should it not be updated to TLS 1.3 using Ed448 Goldilocks and Poly1305 MAC


  • Mandating perfect forward secrecy, by means of using ephemeral keys during the (EC)DH key agreement
  • Dropping support for many insecure or obsolete features including compression, renegotiation, non-AEAD ciphers, non-PFS key exchange (among which are static RSA and static DH key exchanges), custom DHE groups, EC point format negotiation, Change Cipher Spec protocol, Hello message UNIX time, and the length field AD input to AEAD ciphers
  • Prohibiting SSL or RC4 negotiation for backwards compatibility
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Iā€™m not that technical sorry :smiley: