Introduction to Currency Design Course Now LIVE!

Hi, everyone,

Greetings from the Commons Engine! We teamed up with MetaCurrency to produce a self-paced course on Currency Design.

You’ll find ten hours of lectures and case studies, and plenty of readings, resources, and assignments to get you thinking like a whole systems currency designer. The course is conceptual, but non-technical.

In essence, this is the comprehensive effort to weave together the ideas and models that led to mutual credit cryptocurrencies and other currency-specific innovations that makes the Holochain community weird (and awesome…awesomely weird/weirdly awesome).

Use the coupon code HOLO4COMMONS to get 20% off the list price. Learn more about the course and sign up here.


@emalinus thank you for creating a valuable resource for people to learn Currency Design. Personally, I consider $149 for Udemy course is on higher side.

There are many on this forum @kerrgreg who are interested in seeing real world businesses building on holochain, for them your resource could prove valuable.

Some questions that come to my mind:

  1. Currency Design course ideally should employ or create some form of Alternative Currency?
  2. Holochain being the bedrock of larger metacurrency project - one would expect that experimental Alternative Currency being built on Holochain?
  3. What is the long term value the community members derive by engaging with an online resource like this? or by supporting commons engine?

Pardon me for asking tough questions.

Considering our holochain ecosystem is so new - we need more support in helping it grow with ideas on how to design currency and your resource definitely adds value, IF it was openly available for the commons - though not sure how the current proposition supports the current state of our ecosystem.


Hi, @Aryabhatta,

Thanks for asking the tough questions!

  1. We agree! There are currencies like badges on the forum that corresponds to the course, in addition to a certificate and a network map of skills and project needs. We accepted most major cryptocurrencies in the live version of this course. Maybe three or four participants appreciated that option and paid in crypto, so we thought it hardly worth the setup. If you would like to pay in HOT, we can surely arrange that.

  2. In fact, Holochain is one artifact of the Metacurrency group that began before Holochain started to be built in 2016. This course wraps up many of its other artifacts. It teaches principles of currency design so that more currencies will be built on Holochain. The course itself inspired a couple new projects, and included many early Holochain adopters who wanted a better grasp on the mechanics of the currencies for which it is optimized.

  3. I hear you about the price, and understand how it could lead to questioning the long term value of the course. We take our relationships with participants very seriously! Some things we do are: business design sessions, link projects with needed personnel, paper and pitch writing, publicity, and marketing. So, the long term value is a design-specific forum, and a relationship with Commons Engine :slight_smile:

Hope this helps, and I’m glad to hear your insight on the state of the ecosystem. If we find that our effort to recuperate our video production costs severely hinders access, we will adjust.


Hi @emalinus. I would like to take the course in Udemy and pay with HOT. How can we arrange that?


Hi! Very cool. If you can message me privately here or on Telegram (@emalinus) we can get you set up!