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Introducing the Holochain Advocates Community Circle

It’s with huge excitement to let you know that the vision to create a “beginner’s space” on Hylo is a reality. We are soft-launching our new collaborative group, the Holochain Advocates Community Circle (HACC)!

Our welcome message includes:

“As an easy to understand, non-technical space of enthusiasts, this circle is for those who want to explore and participate in advocating for Holo and Holochain, and the various Holochain Applications (hApps) being created.”

Here is our Vision & Mission Statements:


HACC is a warm, welcoming and safe online community space where non-technical Holochain Advocates collaborate to help create a world where the people and Earth’s natural systems can thrive.


As an inspired volunteer community, to learn, share, experiment and promote simple, basic ways of understanding Holochain, Holo and support developing Holochain applications.

We’ve been so happy to partner with the Terran Collective (who stewards Hylo) to work on how to onboard new groups onto the Hylo platform. Our Stakeholder Advocate on Hylo, Krisha, has been gracious, patient and so incredibly helpful. I just LOVE that we can have this circle on Hylo! It’s a massive collaboration, and we are having SO much fun!

Carolyn Beer, Jamie Klinger, Sam Turner and I are the co-founders, and have been deepening our relationships with each other over 6 months now on this project. It’s been a wonderful journey!

Now, you are invited to participate! Your good questions, answers and participation in building HACC collaboratively are WELCOME! It’s all free!

Here’s the link to join: www.hylo.com/groups/holochain-advocates. Please don’t share this broadly quite yet…we are growing slowly 🤗

Doing the Happy Dance,