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Intro to Holochain Recording- DevCamp prep

Hey, all!

Here’s the recording from today’s session “Intro to Holochain,” part of the lead up to DevCamp which will take place in September.

Next session will be held on Thursday, July 1 @ 13:00 UTC

Useful links:
Holochain Gym

I will post the questions asked & answered in chat later today. If you have follow-up questions, please post them in this thread!

Thanks to all who attended! :slight_smile:

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Questions from today from chat:

Q: In your example of 3 Apps you have now, each App has its own Sourcechain, DNA etc.?
A: Each DNA has its own chain, a hApp is a set of DNAs

Q: Can DHTs be reused or built on? For example, an app evolves but can use and build on an earlier DHT?
A: Totally

Q: I’ve seen often the term “sharding”; does anyone have a definition of that?
A: basically it’s the concept of a tweet being stored only on 25 nodes, as opposed to all the nodes, A sharded DHT is a DHT in which not all the nodes hold all the data

Q: So DNAs are the interface for users to create blocks on for source chain?
A: yes but more importantly they define the validation rules

Q: will the hApps slows down a device more than a regular app?
A: in my PC it uses like 1% of CPU (or less)

Q: Wouldn’t that be bad for SEO etc if the App are web apps. My users go offline, my hosting is offline, I’m then dropped from Google for Example
A: well, actually SEO assumes “web accessible” apps, which means Holo – normal holochain apps are not accessible through a URL, only Holo enabled apps

Q: is every user an agent?
A: yes

Q: Are there any live Holochain applications at the minute or are we waiting on Elemental chat, Docusign & Junto?
A: we have been playing in small testnet for months. but they are not accessible from a URL, so if you refer to that, yes that’s Holo and elemental-chat

Links from chat:

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Intro to Holochain Session 2 Recording

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