Interoperability between hREA and Fediverse Valueflows?

I noted here that there are multiple implementations on multiple networks of the ValueFlows specification for the REA ontology.

Is there any intention for the transactions on the hREA network to be interoperable with those on the fediverse?

Are there any ideas more generally for hApps to be interoperable with other p2p networks or this an idea too far?


I don’t know about the specifics for but reading your post reminded me of the which I guess could potentially be a layer of abstraction in order to achieve what you’re asking, provided I’m understanding the question and tech correctly :joy:

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…the protocol bit of credit commons…

Good observation @washboardalex … yes, in fact, there is a high likelihood of interoperability “out of the box” between hREA and the Bonfire/Reflow activitypub based implementation. Due to them both using the same (or almost entirely the same) graphql spec


@washboardalex - Thank you for this inquiry. Interoperability with other P2P frameworks is something that a few of us have been working on and towards, and it’s been slow going. Hopefully there’ll be some movement this way through our relationships in the dWeb ecosystem. I’m very curious about your interest in this?


Hey bear, I’m part of a team looking at building something using an implementation of ValueFlows. I came to the question firstly as a specific query on whether choosing any particular implementation will close us off to community members on others, secondly and more broadly on the place of data silos in hREA. The thought was informed by my earlier experience in blockchain land, where web2 silos in data centers are being replaced by web3 silos on different consensus networks. Appreciate your answer, at this stage of development it’s good to know that interoperability is in the minds of some of the folks working on this.

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@washboardalex did you check out my response? I can provide more details if you’d like

Sure, that would be awesome.