Integration Efforts & 5000 Nodes - Holochain Blog

This week’s Dev Pulse is the first since a brief hiatus that we took after our reset. Through an unbroken run of 63 weeks, the team responsible for Dev Pulse created the first regular, dependable voice for our organization and the things happening inside it. Though we’ve heard how much you’ve missed this institution of all things Holochain and Holo dev, we hope that some of the exciting updates below will help make it all feel worth it. We’re especially thrilled to report Holochain is now fast enough to support 5000 nodes operating simultaneously in one hApp. This feels like a harbinger of more to come. In the very near term we want to give a shout to all of our incredible community organizers who are rapidly growing an ecosystem of next-level Holochain devs. You’re truly doing great things.

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