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Installing Holochain error

Hey guys,

When trying to install holochain I get the following error:

bash: /nix/store/2h5dvmcmd885m1h06cxvm2cz3fvzrxzy-rust-1.41.0-nightly-2019-11-15-1bd30ce2a/bin/rustc: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

Probably it’s very basic, but I can’t figure out why this file is not executable for me. I have Ubuntu 20 installed on my Windows and I believe Nix is running well too. Is there someone who would like to explore this issue with me?

Thanks in advance.


I got the same error

I get the same error as well, have you guys figured anything out yet?

No luck yet.

Oh, I got a bunch of these :slight_smile:

If you have Windows 10 with WSL2 , Ubuntu Linux is available via the Microsoft Store. Right now we’re not supporting this method , because we’ve seen some compilation issues, but if you wanted to try the following steps we’d be grateful if you shared your results on the Holochain developers’ forum.