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Inrupt, Tim Berners-Lee's Solid, and Me (Schneier on Security)

So here’s Bruce Schneier jumping on the SOLID train. And I can’t help but feel that SOLID has an unfair advantage against Holo/chain because of who Tim Berners-Lee is.

I think it’s great news that someone as Schneier is getting personally involved in this project. AFAIK, he has quite the reputation, and by both participating and raising some visibility he is helping the Internet to drift towards this more “agent-centric Internet” that we so desire.

I’m also aware that this forum has Berners-Lee’s project in mind, as a possible “space” to collaborate with.

But I get quite salty because I chose Holochain, I like it more than SOLID (since it fits my mental models better) and I feel is not getting quite the same love. Moreover, SOLID is being talked about on HN, partnering with Apple and playing with the cool kids in the block.

Ah, am I a total Holochain fanboy now?


So glad someone else has brought up SOLID because I am a big fan of both that and hc and I can see both being big in the future… :blush:

This is why as part of the OASIS API I am integrating SOLID and hc so we can have the best of both worlds… :blush: It will provide a bridge between hc, blockchain, IPFS, SOLID, Activitypub and everything else out there to connect everything to everything and be like a network of networks or the abstraction layer over the whole internet.

I would also really appreciate anyone who wants to help me… thanks. :blush::heart::pray::rainbow:


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Wow never seen this till now. Thanks for the link! :blush: Yes this is part of the OASIS API and shares the same goals but the OASIS API will be on a much larger scale… I will look into integrating with them since that could save me a lot of time! :sunglasses:

This will allow hc to talk to any of these providers and allow users to export their data from existing centralised providers onto hc… :sunglasses:

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