IMPORTANT : Canadian Shut Down on Binance

I have just received word that Binance is shutting down all Canadian trading effective September. I have been using Kraken as a “go between”, and am unaware of any other platforms giving Canadians as positive an experience. I am wondering what it would take to get HOT trading on Kraken? And/or, would very much appreciate any guidance on other platforms where HOT trades for Canadians? Am still a beginner at this world, and while I know advice cannot be given, really do need to know what kind of support Holochain can give in this regard, since it seems to be problematic to have access to platforms that will do all the necessary steps from selling to transferring cash, and back again? Please advise… Thank-you so much!

Most of the folks who were active here are now over at DEVHC on Discord. I can reach out to a friend in Canada for his suggestions. Could you DM me with your email and I’ll forward your question?

Happy to help…

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Thank-you so much! - please make sure he titles it as Binance Response so I know it’s legit.

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Oh boy, great questions. I’ll pass them up the chain, see if I can reach somebody in the org that has something specific to say about it. As per right now, I don’t have any guidance I can personally offer and am very curious myself.

Trae I am that friend btw. Feel free to remove your email address.

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Thank-you for this Jamie.

Really do need an option, and don’t want to underestimate how much time it might take to come up with a solution. There’s got to be more of us in the same situation… So let’s work together to find out the next best route to go! Looking forward to hearing what comes back… Let’s keep in touch!

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If you’re looking just to Hodl some Hot, then you could get a Ledger and use Uniswap.
Also Holo Hot token has all the tokens 100% that is out in the public. Which is great because there is no dilution as time rolls on. It derivative tokens NHT and IOEN both have a large portion held back. So I am looking at Hodling more HOT token as a future storage of true value.

To address your Binance issue. You can do an ETH To binance token bridge as well. Then hodl tokens you buy there. I use zerion. But that’s a great wallet to use to track wallets. But never give them your seed phrase. Cheers