I'm spinning up some docs for holonix, feedback welcome :)

work happening here https://github.com/holochain/holonix/pull/41

by the time i’m done there should be:

  • a nice static site generated by hugo
  • automated deployment of the site to github pages
  • a domain pointing to github pages
  • docs that cover off all the main topics that come up when discussing holonix

to see where development is at:

  • clone holonix locally
  • check out the 2019-07-31-docs branch
  • run nix-shell --run hn-docs
  • when the server spins up visit http://localhost:1313 (or whatever the last command tells you)
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@pospi FYI

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What are the difficulties in using Holonix for WSL v1? I’ve recently been using this to build Coolcats2 without much difficulty, I can build and use hc and holochain and everything works fine. I can also install and run Holonix but hc and holochain give errors, for which I filed an issue. For what it’s worth I had no difficulty running your doc server here.

@pythagorean i haven’t tried to use it personally, i have seen threads like this https://github.com/NixOS/nix/issues/1203

Note that, as far as I understand, WSL 2 should fix this bug. It replaces the Linux API emulation with an actual Linux kernel.

if it works for you, keep going!

As the comments in that thread mention, and I had found in setting things up originally, the /etc/nix/nix.conf file has to be configured with:

sandbox = false
use-sqlite-wal = false

Then it installs and works fine.

The machine I’m currently using does not have the ability to do 64 bit virtualization so it will probably not be able to run WSL 2, nor can I successfully run Docker or Vagrant on this. But I will only be stuck on this machine for a few more days, it is nonetheless good to see what can and cannot be accomplished.



not being able to run docker is pretty normal on Windows, but why can’t you use vagrant?

what kind of machine are you using?

Because it requires VirtualBox which requires 64 bit virtualization to be supported by the hardware.

It’s an Aspire 5734Z-4836. Old laptop I’m borrowing at the moment.

wow, amazing you got it working on that :slight_smile:

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ok, i rewrote the “portability” section to frame WSL1 as an option (with the additional configuration) and made virtualisation/WSL/dual-boot options clearer @pythagorean

thanks for the feedback!


as the docs are taking way more effort than i expected to write up (like everything :sweat_smile:) i’m doing a bit of a triage for this initial PR merge

at the moment that looks like:

do these:

  • productive (done)
  • portable (done)
  • predictable (done)
  • install (done)
  • configure (30%)
  • binaries (0%)
  • bash scripts (0%)
  • release management (0%)

defer these:

  • the nix shell
  • nixos cheatsheet
  • rust
  • node
  • zome development
  • UI development
  • docs kit
  • CI
  • IDE support
  • Makefiles
  • Support & debug
  • Contribute

this is entirely non-scientific purely based on where i’m personally getting asked the most questions and seeing confusion/frustration

it would be awesome if others could help carry the “defer” section after the initial PR is merged

i’m also expecting to flesh things out ad-hoc based on forum discussions, but i’m wanting to focus efforts on Reproduceable network/core testing for concurrent/looping stuff ASAP

BTW everything in this forum topic is in the first PR so thanks all :+1:

Just a general idea, maybe we could have a link in the docs that bounces people to this forum if they have questions about a particular section


A kind of two-way binding would be interesting if the docs listed “Relevant forum topics” within the docs pages, but that’s asking for a lot I think

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yeah, @ChrisGagne and @jmday facilitated a bit of discussion around docs this morning

@marcus there are sections right at the bottom of the structure that i deferred for “support and debug” and “contribute” which seem like the perfect place to put forum links if we have them

Could the link in the docs auto-tag the user’s forum question? @dhtnetwork

i don’t know what that means >.< @marcus

what’s an auto-tag?

i’m looking for an “embed” option or similar and not seeing anything…

I mean more like could we add parameters to the Discourse forum URL so that their question is automatically categorised?

:woman_shrugging: dunno, let’s see what @dhtnetwork says :slight_smile: