I'll be taking a bit of a sabbatical

Hi, folks. The next two weeks are Spring Break for my family, and it looks like it’s gonna be a long one — our school district just announced schools will be closed without a reopen date. So I’m taking a step back from forum support for about a month or so, so I can be on-deck for dad stuff — reading, gardening, housekeeping, and likely homeschooling too.

I’ll likely pop in from time to time just to try to tackle the odd support question, but I’m also seeing lots of new activity that I hope will fill the absence. And besides, I haven’t been that consistent at support the past month anyway.

I’ve been super encouraged by the mutual support springing up in the past month or so. The DevCamp was an especially big boost to the way you folks are showing up to support each other. Thanks one and all!


Enjoy your little “vacation” @pauldaoust! Everyone needs a break in a while! Thanks for being active and helping the community out!


Thanks kindly @LuchoTurtle! looking forward to being back; we’ll see how things go with the kids’ school and whatnot.

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That sounds very nice, Paul. Enjoy the time off. Looking forward to see you back here at some point.


@pauldaoust enjoy your family time and maybe a chance to just think (if your family lets you have that)!


Enjoy your time off @pauldaoust you will definitely be missed only because you had been such a fantastic support in this forum! Hope to see you back soon.


Hi @pauldaoust sorry if i have some qns to trouble you while you are taking a step back:

  1. you are obviously THE MOST ACTIVE holochain team member in the forum answering many questions in great detail. Period. While other community members have been great (thanks god!), who from holochain team will replace you while you are on sabbatical?

  2. Previously, amanda and yourself was in charge of writing developer materials which are very informative. Now that Amanda had left and also you are going on sabbatical, again, who will fill the void in developering the materials which i am sure there are lots still to be done?

  3. You previously wrote a fantastic series of holochain introductory articles on https://developer.holochain.org/docs/concepts/ There are 8 articles. But actually i believe before that, you actually wrote even more articles on hackmd. https://hackmd.io/GPVDCE87RZuDaKmOuqV9rQ# 16 articles but i think perhaps are in “draft form” which 8 was still not “posted" on holochain developer pages. I felt those contents you written are really valuable! Anyone taking over to bring this content to developer page and shared to wider communities via blogs and various channels?

I just felt there are some void and no one is filling it. I hope to have your answers. Thanks!


Hi @Sol – thanks for your concern; it shows that I was contributing something valuable, which I’m grateful for. We’ve been asking other team members and active community members if they could step in and be present on the forum. As for educational materials, we’re exploring what to do there as well – my intention is to just slow the pace of publishing, rather than cancel it completely. Also hoping the HDK and dev tools will stabilise a bit more before we put lots of effort into improving their reference documentation. What we want to do there is keep them in ‘maintenance mode’ (correct errors but not necessarily write more content) and then tackle them when the time is right.

And lastly, I decided to hold those other core concepts back until hApp developers could actually use them. My rule of thumb is, if we can’t write a tutorial incorporating the concept, we shouldn’t publish the concept article yet.

(Hey… I feel like you’ve amassed and understood quite a lot of conceptual stuff… would you be willing to help forum newcomers understand Holochain from time to time? :slight_smile: )


@lynnfoster at some point I should have time to think! :smiley: right now, between birthdays, spring break, gardening, and preparations for school likely being closed for the rest of the year, I’ve got plenty on my plate…

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“it shows that I was contributing something valuable, which I’m grateful for.” → i should be grateful to you for all your knowledge shared :slight_smile:

Will you be active as usual after your sabbatical after 1 month+?

Yes, i learn a lot and i am already sharing my knowledge as and when needed in holo tg, holo asia tg and among my network as well. I dont mind sharing any 2 cents views on this forum as well. There are certainly great people here! :slight_smile:

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