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Ideas and Suggestions for new Orion Protocol Use Cases?

What ideas and suggestions do we all have of how Orion could integrate with other things over and above being an independent trading terminal which combines dozens of exchanges?

I think that any way of potentially providing a service to general companies so they can accept crypto currency as a payment could be massive as a general use case.

For example, Bandcamp do not currently accept crypto payments, but it would be great for someone to pay the dollar price for an album and then the artist receives the equivalent in $HOT, for example. The process would be as easy for the customer as it is now with no extra logging in or out.

The artist’s profile behind the scenes would have already had ‘receive funds at current $HOT price’ selected, and this could be changed at any time, even back to fiat if they wish.

This could be applied to many other scenarios as well; gaming, travel related etc. I think the key is to make it as simple as possible to use as an interface on a site with as minimal stages to complete a payment as possible.

Do any of us have any extra suggestions of incorporating it into various things?

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A payment use case would be valuable. So it would be as simple as using pay pal payment system/network. Or it could integrate with the HoloFuel app and allow people to accept and transact in HoloFuel.

UI/UX will be key and important for growth and adoption.

What about integration with existing DeFi platforms and protocols like Compound

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