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Idea Ecommerce 3.0 - Holochain Gas fee, wallet


I have an idea to create Ecommerce 3.0 and I am currently reviewing Holochain for it.

I was wondering if is possible to create a own token (e.g. ERC20) within Holochain or run Smart Contracts on it?

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Very interesting. Can you share more about how you plan to create Ecommerce 3.0? Any more specifics about your design ideas?

For any use-case where you want to use a token, there is probably a different way you could accomplish the same thing on Holochain. Keep in mind that there is no single ledger recording the ownership of tokens, for example, but individual nodes (users) that each have their own event-log (hash-chain). What would be the purpose and function of the token you want to create?

About “smart contracts,” Holochain applications ARE essentially “very smart contracts,” in the sense that they encode rules that the nodes must follow to participate in the application, but Holochain is more general purpose than blockchain smart contracts, meaning they can do pretty much anything computers can do, but in a peer to peer way.

If you haven’t already, check out https://developer.holochain.org/, which has an introduction to some of the basics of Holochain that will help you get a sense of what I am talking about.

I have a feeling this may clash with my idea for Ecommerce 3.1 which I also want to make very big.

In light of this I have decided to work on Ecommerce 3.11.



I am not sure what is Ecommerce 3.1 or Ecommerce 3.11. My understanding is the technology goes hand in hand and if I speak about Ecommerce 1.0, 2.0 or Ecommerce 3.0 then I mean following:

  1. HTML/CSS/JavaScript - Web 1.0 (regular payment systems)

  2. HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Jquery/Ajax/Frameworks - Web 2.0 (regular payment systems)

  3. HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Jquery/Ajax/Frameworks - Web 3.0 (combination of cryptocurrencies, blockchaion (holochain), regular payment systems)

I am looking at this a bit more from a technical perspective.

The definition of Ecommerce 3.0 can vary and extended but who decide what is Ecommerce 3.0 or not?
In my opinion, Ecommerce 3.0 should be something new or revolutionary. The combination of Ecommerce 2.0 with the Blockchain or Holochain world would make sense where Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain or even Holochain are used.

This is why I like the blockchain or holochain world because you can create a something new.
I would describe myself as an average developer but it is not possible to check every blockchain technology. That’s the reason why I was so lazy to write more details in my question.

To give a few examples:

This can be just the payment system with the shop with different coins or your own coin with a wallet.
Another point could be the supply chain where you track and manage your products and data within blockchain or holochain.

In relation to Holochain one szenario would be that the data from customer or supplier are more secure and privacy and the customer or supplier can remove it after a purchase. People have control their own data.
I am running an ecommerce site and I had already customer they request to delete their data few minutes after they purchased or I got message where people don’t want to create a account but want to buy a product. :wink:
The mentioned “very smart contract” idea would work here if is possible to send from one wallet(customer) to another wallet (store owner) the coins peer to peer??

After you have build the applications the challenge will be to attract to the people. If people not buying your products and invest in your coin is nothing worse.

The cool thing in the cryptospace thousand or millions of people decide if they like to invest in your idea instead of waiting for a bank or capital venture.

Many ideas arise along the way.

I think I will start develop the coin first and create the landing page.

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It was a quip based on the fact there was a Windows 3.0, 3.1 and 3.11. It sprung to mind when I saw your post due to the vagueness of the statement and the megalomaniac self-declared king of viruses. As life is a mirror, it was also a reflection on my own ideas for the future and my current lack of actually building what I see in my mind. Instead I project my insecurities on poor unsuspecting forum posters in the shape of some obscure reference.

After reading your reply, I would suggest having a read through more of the forum and blog posts, have a watch of the videos - whatever suits your favourite style of learning.

A lot of the conversations that go on in the Holochain space are about what is of value, what is the point of currency, and many topics that don’t even include currency because unlike blockchain, you don’t need any form of currency to create and run a Holochain application.

What I would say from my experience is find a problem to solve that people will pay for - businesses don’t start with a product, they start with a customer, that includes investors so if like Holochain/Holo you manage to get people to give you money, it’s winner winner chicken dinner. Although I’m vegan now, so it wouldn’t be for me :wink:


Actually I lie, for the last few weeks I’ve been eating fish so guess I’m a pescatarian.

I’m also missing my scotch bonnet beef chillis that I practically lived on for decades but not sure my stomach would take it right now. We’ll see…