[ IDEA ] Decentralized WebConference tool

Context: Zoom is a popular web conferencing tool though for countries such as Liberia, where internet access can be expensive and choppy creates challenge on how users participate. For Example: most of them would just dial in and not share their cameras, or may be in a place where signal may not be strong.

Commentary: Technically speaking video feed relay is about 30 fps (frames per second) which means 30 images (256x256px?) per second. Audio feed will have its characteristics. Could the above challenge be addressed by having a distributed application which shares ‘deep’ (Audio Video) Profile of individuals they interact with such that bandwidth no longer remains a challenge, in terms of EndUser - Experience!

Hey @Aryabhatta,
I actually did not yet scanned all the forum for what we have and what we havn’t (including the ideas and project in development).

This point is rather crucial, and I thought it was actually already somewhere! Are you saying it is not?

I definitely agree that projects like Jitsi and Element (previously known as Riot.im, developed by matrix.org on top of their Synapse) need their counterpart here!

They would be needed as basic, necessary tools, for the very nature of HoloChain itself.

I could add that for the same reason, a collaboration platform (even extended as NextCloud) would be also desirable!

I find it quite hard to keep track of everything in the forum, a project repository would be so great! And also some discussion threads about ideas and development, beside the technical ones.

Cheers and all the best!

Have you looked into www.meet.coop?
Holochain is probably the worst platform to make a webconferencing app. I mean, if you exclude all other blockchainy platforms :slight_smile:
You’d have to rely on webRTC which doesn’t scale very well…