[ IDEA ] Bookmarks as Currency

Context: As part of my currency design course, I am receiving weekly assignments which are bunch of urls! Why must a end user be forced to go click on each one, could he instead receive a (popup) ALL “bookmarked tabs”.

Rationale: Such a “bookmark currency” in an information overload world could start easing end users manual processes and helping arrive to a point of understanding earlier.

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yes i have some ideas about this — i will link to a simplenote i’ve created which is a rough mosaic of these ideas

i’ve been dreaming of al ultimate project management solutions, of which bookmarks and knowledge management solutions are part of it

in general, there are 4 components to this ideal solution

habs + proj + notes + bkmks

habs = habit trackers
proj = project management/calendar
notes = notes and formal writing apps
bkmks = bookmark management system

ideally, we could take the best features of all the various app implementations currently available in addition to dreaming up new ideas and integrating it all together

many apps do a good job on one or two of these aspects but almost none do a good job of all — and i believe it can be a big breakthrough in productivity if we are able to easily see and manipulate visual (and other) representations of our work and workflow

i think your idea is great, @Aryabhatta — here is a link to the simplenote…


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