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I want to purchase a HoloPort

Which one should I choose?

I want to use it to develop hApps and get into the Holo environment. I live in the US, can I go ahead the store and purchase one and use it for my purpose?



Hey @speedwagon! Great to hear you’re interested in a HoloPort. You can currently purchase either a HoloPort or HoloPort+, and in the US (and Europe) we should be able to deliver it within a few days. The Nanos haven’t shipped yet. Both HP and HP+ are good options to be a host and to self host hApps that you will develop. At this point we don’t have great benchmarks for what specs might be ideal for what types of hApps, in what locations, and with what service priorities–though obvious ones will likely hold true in the Holo network. Hope that helps!

Appreciate your reply.

I ended up purchasing the HoloPort+, the customer sales support was able to advise too :slight_smile:


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