I have ideas and skills with crypto, Rust, research, development, technical writing, etc, but limited cash and no job nor income

There is no Projects and Partners category to select, so I can’t enter the offer tag as it is restricted to this category and subcategories.

I have skills and ideas, and would like to be involved with developing a happ or building Holochain, but I also have needs and need a job and an income to meet those needs.

So I’m posting this here to communicate that and hopefully connect with people who have a need for more skills and human resources and have the financial resources to support extra skilled contributors.

More career info about me is available at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamescray.

With Holochain, I have submitted a couple of PRs; commented on, looked at or helped with some issues; have done some editing of docs, participated in chats, and have helped to spread the word about the Holochain ecosystem. I’ve also been in touch with Redgrid and some projects.

This is a related thread:

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Hi @jamesray1, we have a collaboration section under Projects & Partners. You are welcome to post there. Best wishes.

Collaboration - Offers & Requests

I believe James is pointing out in the start of his post that the #projects category cannot be posted to by ordinary users. The “New Topic” button is disabled:


You can confirm this by Impersonating a regular user.

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Ahh I see, thank you. This has been fixed. All users are able to post within the Projects area.


I would like to see holochain run a community Happ contest where funds are allocated to help develop the most voted on projects. Lots of good ideas in the community but people need monetary assistance to bring them to fruition. Just a thought.


Fixed, and thanks for clarifying @erlend_sh!

It doesn’t even need to be funds from Holochain, it can also be funds, or non-binding pledges or expressions of interest in funding, from anyone. A small outlay would be helpful for getting started initially, followed by more as more progress is made. This is a more sustainable funding process than one big ICO. This could be done in multiple funding rounds on a crowd equity investing platform such as Birchal.


It would be great to see this run by the community and a group of developers to help sustain and support it. How would you like to support or lead such an effort?


I am happy to help with this.

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Thanks James. I’m curious to see if 2-3 more community members would like to help and then happy to discuss next steps?

@pospi would be keen to hear your input about this discussion and how we might all collaborate to help the community and the Holochain Ecosystem?

I’ll see if I can round up support from other places.

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A very simple version of a this could be as follows:

Speaking as a non-developer, I’d be very excited to have more apps to try out, no matter how barebones they may be.


This is a great idea. Keep it simple and actionable with a clear scope.
I like this idea of a custom forum badge for participating.

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see holochain run a community Happ

I’d be happy to help with this as well. I’m pretty new to Rust, but am excited to learn!


Great, I’ll message you! Sorry for the delayed response.