I genetically modified bacteria today, that was an experience

Watercooler topic, obviously, but it still ties into the motivations behind Holochain stuff.

For context, I’m doing a bionanotech subject for my physics degree. This just felt really crazy because it was like just another day for students there just mixing some chemicals, plopping some lipids in a tube, heating it up and then seeing some E. coli flouresce (E. coli doesn’t usually flouresce FYI, the gene from a flourescent jellyfish transformed E. coli to make florescent proteins).

Anyway, like why the fuck are we doing this. We’re dumb apes playing God, we really don’t know the havoc this kind of research will eventually have on the planet.

It won’t be long until we turn an anti-fragile ecology into a fragile chaotic mess of un-accounted-for chemical interactions.


An action that feels so insignificant when doing it. Just mixing some chemicals and stuff, heating and other things. Similar to cooking dinner…

Yet when we look at the scope of those insignificant actions and what effects they can have on the whole ecosystem with all its intricate and interwoven flows… it’s mindboggling.

An I think there lies the problem. It takes so much imagination to grasp the complexities and what an effect introducing new species could have to the balance that evolved.
Yet many don’t have the imagination or even the understanding beyond their specialized field to start imagining.