I can't seem to start my project please help. I know this is a noob mistake inwhich an experience dev can help

[nix-shell:~/Desktop/folkseconomy/nix]$ hn-init
bash: hn-init: command not found

[nix-shell:~/Desktop/folkseconomy/nix]$ holochain --build-info
{"git_info":null,"cargo_pkg_version":"0.0.124","hdk_version_req":"0.0.120","timestamp":"2022-06-16T14:11:33.417510293Z","hostname":"localhost","host":"x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu","target":"x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu","rustc_version":"rustc 1.60.0 (7737e0b5c 2022-04-04)","rustflags":"","profile":"release"}

The same problem with me. I’m following the tutorial at hApp Setup - Holochain Docs but stuck at the “hn-init: command not found”

this is the result of exclude scaffolding by default by steveeJ · Pull Request #515 · holochain/holonix · GitHub, so i apologize for the inconvenience.

at the time it didn’t cross my mind that the hn-init command has already been a part of the public developer documentation.

we cannot quickly bring this command back as the nix package expressions for GitHub - holochain/scaffolding: RAD tools to quickly scaffold a new holochain application are defective.

@jost.schulte , @guillemcordoba, and i are in discussion on how to solve this circumstance as soon as we can.

adding to what steveeJ said, for the time being, you can try this command npm init @holochain with npm installed.