Humm Alpha is Now Live (new blog post)

We have now opened up our centralized alpha to outside testers for the first time.

Click here to read our announcement post for more details:

Our hands are now officially covered in rust building the Holochain version of our app with the intent to have it listed in Holoscape as soon as possible. Exciting times!


Very Exciting! I’ve been very interested in humm since I first saw it. Good luck and success with the your alpha!

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Can’t wait to try it! :slight_smile:

I recon the possibility of self-publishing a personal webpage by using Holo is if not a mother-app, at least a sister-app :slight_smile:

Consider how many people are paying like $20 a month for a page that just says: “Hi I am…, I do…” that is accessed once or twice per day…


@nickmitchell very cool, congrats! Do you want any more alpha testers? @bhaugen and I are looking to try out new tools to collaborate on some documents, would love to try it on humm. And just generally to get our hands dirty a bit in humm too.