Human Security Project

On the back of the tag-up on Thursday, I went to bed and woke up with an Idea for the Holochain Human Security Project. The sub-projects might be shelter, warmth, and food with enablers such as secure telemetry, data, and intelligence.
More info:

It’s not even an acorn yet in my mind ‘pre-acorn’. I’d like to explore the idea of a way to prove the homeostasis (optimal functioning) of Human Security (shelter, warmth, and food) - then we might know where the gaps are.

Any thoughts?


So - some key texts for anyone who thinks this idea is not crazy are:

Stafford Beer - Diagnosing the System for Organisations

Dealing with complexity. look at chapter 16 pg 179 of this book :[Peter-Allen%2C-Steve-Maguire%2C-Bill-McKelvey]-The-SA.pdf#page=52

…and this which could be useful. I see an information foraging abstraction as one of the first layers / tools