How to determine passphrase for Holoscape?

Been a while since touching conductor stuff, so I’m a bit lost regarding the keystore. I downloaded and ran the Holoscape electron app, and it prompts me to enter a passphrase.

Not sure what I’m supposed to do at that point. That would seem like a keystore exists, but I don’t recall generating one.

just leave it empty (i guess it’s like that at the beginning, during the alpha test)

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I am getting this error

Registering scheme as priviliged: holoscape-happ
(electron) 'setHighlightMode function' is deprecated and will be removed.
Registering file protocol: holoscape-happ
connectConductor ws://localhost:4435
Using config path: /home/marcus/.config/Holoscape-default/conductor-config.toml
Unlocking agent keys:
Unlocking key for agent 'Communities-agent': 
Reading keystore from /home/marcus/.config/Holoscape-default/storage/HcSCi3I7nDe6dbi9iijYxt49tEUFm7juiWWnKdFiFwx44hrbf4yIrq6Ggkbdibz

connectConductor ws://localhost:4435
connectConductor ws://localhost:4435
Error while trying to boot from config: ConfigError("Could not decrypt \'primary_keybundle:sign_key\': ErrorGeneric(\"Invalid SigningKey Blob Format: v0 != v1\")")

holochain process terminated with exit code 0

Hm, sounds like you do have an old keystore hanging around. The keystore format has changed a couple of times recently, as have various portions of the conductor config format. Probably best to just wipe out ~/.config/Holoscape-default and start from scratch.