How to design a Holochain Application (in progress)

Hi all!

Just putting out here an initial verison of the online workshop/guide I’m preparing:

How to design a Holochain Application

It’s for people that already have knowledge about core concepts and some hApp dev experience and want to get to a first technical design for an idea they might have.

I think there is a gap around designing/architecting in the Holochain documentation/guidance world, that is very difficult to cross without conversation and hands-on practice and experience: this is my first attempt at closing this gap.

This is very experimental and very much a work in progress, for now take it with a grain of salt. I think it will definitely steer newcomers to the right direction though. Contributions and feedback are greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Fins aviat!


Nice ! This is definitely a missing piece.
I think it would also be useful to have some words about frontend best practices with holochain (graphQL, composability, etc.).

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Great to see this, and happy to support :+1:


Yes thank you, very much needed! :blush:

I would like to see guidance and design patterns for large enterprise size applications and would also be happy to contribute… :blush::heart::pray::rainbow:

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Don’t forgot too the decent start at #learning-library:design-patterns that will hopefully continue to be flushed out.