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How to deploy a node application in halo chain


Though i am still waiting to get my hands on deploying a DIY instance.
Love the concept of holo.

Though a searched a bit could not find how i could deploy a node application holo.

Any help will be great as I aim to spread the app deployment awareness on holo.


“Holo” is the distributed decentralised hosting asset-backed cryptocurrency being developed by holo.host in order to fund the development of the Holochain distributed decentralised development language.

The hosting platform is launching using known hardware in order to provide a certain amount of control over service so the DIY instance network is not a primary priority. You can host your own Holochain apps.

Holochain apps are written using the Rust language, you would need to tell us more about what this application you want to deploy is in order for us to understand the initial insistence on node. Unless you are talking about a DevOps process where a Holochain app deploys a node app depending on particular circumstances, however I am guessing that is not the case and you are talking about how to deploy a node application on the holo hosting network, which AFAIK isn’t going to happen because holo hosting is for hosting Holochain applications which are written in Rust. But I may be wrong in my assumptions…

I hope my help reaches you before you spread the node app deployment awareness :wink:

Meanwhile, why not hop on over to the Holochain Gym and learn a little about developing distributed, decentralised apps using Rust?! It’s very good, and I think it will help you much in your understanding of the system so you can go spread the Holochain love!!!