How to contribute to the Learning Library

Please read this post first for contribution guidelines!

There are a few places you can contribute to the shared collection of Holochain learning resources. In all cases, consider how to make your contribution as useful as possible to others — define unfamiliar terms (or link to a definition), reference other material, and keep your language easy to understand.

Original contributions

If you want to contribute an article, infographic, or video, create a post in this category. You can create and edit the content in the forum or link to a resource hosted elsewhere. Mark it with the #wip tag until you feel it’s ready for public consumption. Once you’re satisfied with it, consider turning it into a wiki so others can contribute.


If you want to contribute to the #learning-library:faqs, make sure the question you’re answering is truly a frequently answered question. As with general articles, mark it with the #wip tag at first and consider turning it into a wiki once it’s done.

Developer Documentation

The #learning-library:holochain-install , #learning-library:api-reference , #learning-library:core-concepts , and #learning-library:guidebook sections are reserved for comment sections on the (in-progress) redesigned developer documentation site. There is one topic thread for each page, and any replies to the topic will appear on the documentation website itself. They are meant to be used for examples, gotchas, and use cases that add richness to the official documentation.

If you would like to contribute to the documentation itself, it’s hosted in our GitHub repository. Currently the guidebook lives at , and the API documentation lives in the source code of the HDK itself .

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I plan to write some Getting Started guides soon for complete beginners to Rust & Holochain from what I have learnt as a noobie so others have an easy time getting up to speed than I did! :wink::pray::sparkling_heart::grin: