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How to build a GraphQl - Holochain middleware

Hi all! Just published this article in the Open-Dev blog:

As with every article, we want to iterate from this first version. Read it, and let us know if you have any suggestions to improve it.

Fins aviat!


Any feedback on this would be much appreciated!


Hi @tats_sato, hi @guillemcordoba
That is great and even with very little understanding of coding, I can make sense of it (sort of).

There is a code example under “Let’s also change the name of the zome module.”

- mod my_zome 
+ mod courses

I am wondering whether it should be

- mod my_zome 
+ mod post (or posts)

Hi @AlexanderKohl!

Thanks for pointing that out!
You’re absolutely right haha. I changed it both in the blog and in the actual code :smiley: