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How is Holochain More Environmentally Ethical than Blockchain?

Holochain removes the need for global consensus, and with it the expenditure of massive amounts of electricity (proof-of-work or ‘mining’) or accumulation of capital (proof-of-stake) used to ensure data integrity across millions of nodes about data that may or may not be relevant to them. This has three effects:

  • Overall storage requirements are reduced, preventing the need to manufacture storage devices.
  • Consensus protocols such as proof-of-work are unnecessary, preventing the manufacture and early disposal of yet more specialized hardware and requiring much less electricity.
  • Network chatter is reduced, reducing the need for more infrastructure.

In fact, Holochain’s unique ‘immune system’ approach to data integrity means that the hardware with which end-users access the distributed network can also be the hardware that validates and replicates data. This is a contrast to popular blockchains, which typically need a large hardware investment in order to become a full participant.