How does Holofuel function?

My first question is what is the onboarding experience like for Holofuel, i.e. how does a new peer earn it? Maybe a more encompassing question would be: is there a resource that explains the architecture of holofuel and how it works?

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I found these links which answer my questions:

Soon, to make money on ethereum, you need to stake, and to stake you need 32ETH which restricts the majority of the world from contributing to the network and it also requires going to an exchange to buy ETH to play around with dapps, which can prove to be a massive challenge.

So making it easy to for others to onboard with no more than their phones or laptops would be nice. Maybe a user can paid for even simply routing traffic (this seems to be dependent on the protocols and apps being developed).

499USD alot less than 32ETH, become a host and generate holofuel for what your computer hardrive would use at near full capacity (some electricity, much much less than blockchain miners)

get a group of trusted friends to pitch-in to lower cost barrier even further


Can’t you also simply run holochain on your existing machine in order to help the network?

sure you totally could! Holoports offer significant capacity and various functionality. With expertise, you could also build your own hardware to host as a node on the Holochain network :slight_smile:

but Im not sure if that feature will be available on launch, I think an device OS has to be built first… that would be a question for the team