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How does holochain/holo compare to DFINITY or Elastos?

Hey you all, I am a tech enthusiast and have been following holochain since November last year. My question: recently I have stumbled upon other projects like Dfinity (Internet Computer) and Elastos and I am wondering how they compare to Holochain/holo. Are they “direct competitors” or are they all trying to solve different problems? Is there one that is “the best” or is this the wrong way to go about it? So basically I am asking if one of those other web 3.0 projects out there, are threatening to push holochain/holo into becoming insignificant? I hope someone can shine a light on it all! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @theastronomiefreak!

I have no deep technical answer for you apart from looking at said projects and seeing lots of buzzwords and ‘blockchain’, and thinking of Sinéad O’Connor - Nothing Compares 2U, but then again it is early and I’ve only had one sip of coffee… :wink:

I am wondering, have you read this article? It’s a big read but the one that painted the big picture for me at least:

This one is good too:

I recently heard/read a conversation where the founders said the reason they created this one first is to show people a little bit of how technology ‘could be’, as opposed to most other projects which seem to be subsets/workarounds for the failings of things like blockchain, not really anything new but rooted in the old.

That’s my 2p anyway :wink:

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Thank you so much Steve. The three-part article was an amazing read. The vision sounds amazing. The article seems to be a critique of capitalism (accumulation of power), at least that is how I interpreted it. To be clear, I love a great capitalism rant :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: