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How can we make holo popular?

We argue that the holo is one step ahead with the rise of energy consumption in coin sending. It is necessary not to be overshadowed while defending that he is good in this regard. What should we do to let everyone know this and turn their direction to holochain use?

You ever watched ‘Fight Club’?


I heard Holo doesn’t want to “get popular” or an insane amount of hype until it is ready to make sure the hype is stable. Which is good because things like Chia (XCH) get extremely overhyped as passive income and now it’s extremely difficult to get a payout without using pools. Also, most people are in that for money instead of for the innovation unlike this.

When people were hyping it up and seeing what the ROI was, people jumped in without knowing what they were doing which sucks because Chia has a lot of potential and shouldn’t operate on people like that. This is the opposite except this is 5x more innovating and exciting but we should keep this down low so we don’t have people expecting to 100x their money in 10 days like with Doge or Shiba Inu.

We have more long term investors in this which is pretty hard to find nowadays because of people with paperhands in all of these cryptos I just mentioned. No one asks “will Holo reach $1000 by next month” and no one says “I’ve earned $100k/month on my holoport”. I’m exaggerating, but there’s people who have unrealistic short term expectations.

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