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How can I/we help ? (non-developper fans)


How can we (non developpers) help Holochain (or even Metacurrency / CEPTR) ?

I would love to help, create projects on Holochain or anything… but I’m not a developper.

Eitheir way, I’m sure we (non developper) can help and bring something on the table.

Theses projects make completely sense for many people who studied computer science and/or economics.

What would be the ways to help Holochain ?
How can we (non developpers) help the project ?

Would love to :

  • brainstorm ideas around helping Holochain or projects on it
  • know if others forum lurkers like me feel the same (useless but eager to be more involved) :slight_smile:

I mean, even having someone cooking good healthy food for programmers will help the Holochain :slight_smile:



On a side note I was 18.5 stone until 3 years ago when I ended up not being able to stand up or think straight with a Vitamin B12 deficiency caused by a number of issues mostly high sensitivity to glutenous grains. I went grain-free, am also now vegan and avoid nightshades. I’m now 10.5 stone and want to bring more food knowledge into my ‘sphere’ especially around the grain-free side as I believe it’s a huge area affecting people’s brains, so if you have or anyone has any knowledge or shares interests around grain-free I’m super-interested.

I believe holochain will enable more personalisation of diet and health and provide the mechanism to achieve great things so that for example I don’t have to go through what I’ve had to in the last few years learning vitamin recovery protocols from facebook groups with 70k+ members and having to import my B12 ampoules from Germany to UK cos they’re not patentable and there’s more profit in people being ill.

I love the idea of having lots of tech that helps me keep track of things but the way the current system is simply doesn’t work because there is no or very little sharing. We know holochain can answer this but there needs to be a starting point that’s workable and scalable, solves a current problem and need in order to be funded and sustainable.

So I guess my answer to your question is more ways and opportunities to share ideas like this and co-operate on creating and building them.

I am hazarding a guess that the way this will grow best is by running with an idea and seeing what happens. I know with myself I am great at the typing and talking and as soon as I try implementing something myself / setting up a service or a site then I end up in rabbit holes and nothing gets done. I saw and see this as a problem mostly that I shouldn’t think of it as bad but that I should collaborate with others who are better at the tech side and the focusing on something for more than 5 minutes (me with ADHD, ASD & PDA lol!) and it’s not bad of me for recognising that.

I will however now stop waffling - what involvement do you want to have? What are you good at / want to share / want to build? Let’s do it! :wink:

Yes the infamous “grain brain”.

Here are some ideas I had without knowing really how to start for the moment. We will see what emerges.

  • joining a project that is using Holochain
  • starting a podcast around Holochain.
  • create/publish videos teaching Holochain concepts/dev in your native language (spanish, german, french…)
  • help organize hackathon/dev camp
  • teach/talk about Holochain in your former Universisty
  • create a brainstorming weekly call for entrepreneurs/non tech to talk about what you can do/what’s possible on Holochain
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After watching lots of Gary Vaynerchuk I can see the benefit of recording a Zoom - pro plan includes recording, or better still use meet.coop, a co-operative leveraging the Open Source Big Blue Button web conferencing software and using that to create a podcast, clips for use on different channels, blog posts, and so on.

Trouble is I am full of the ideas, have half-installs of lots of this software, and am nowhere qualified to stick to a schedule :wink:

But yes, as someone who’s first website way back when had the tagline “The Plain English Guide to Open Source” I’m all up for an informative regular programme that doesn’t exclude the tech stuff totally but does focus on perhaps the more aspirational side of what can be done as what I’m hearing at the moment is lots of people excited but they’re not entirely sure what they’re excited about, and as Holochain’s main ‘USP’ is agent centricity I think that is the main angle to focus on, cos that’s what sets it apart from everything else.

I was thinking about this earlier and thought it would probably be a good idea to think about it a bit strategically, i.e. what are the problems we are trying to solve and who do we want to be reaching out to in order to solve those problems.

When I asked @dcatki at the beginning of last December this, his response was:

  1. Messaging - let’s switch people towards distributed solutions to show we can do this
  2. Social - let’s offer fully p2p alternatives starting with twitter
  3. Hosting - what services do businesses of different segments spend on cpu/compute that is a waste of money, which niches to target and how to build initial customers there to inform our development
  4. Open source - bringing this together, what could stay open source and thrive if scalable infrastructure was commoditised/community provided

In terms of groups

  1. Access to further sources of funding for sustainable p2p tech - holochain foundation long term e.g. EU
  2. Access to early distributed cloud customers
  3. Connecting with people making the distributed world happen whether they realise it or not, and knowing them

It would be good to update/confirm/discuss these to see if the list has changed, or if there are any additions or other ideas, and to produce a final defined list of “ideal avatars”.

On the subject of ideal avatars, my favourite group on Facebook is the Connection Hub where for the last three years they have gone live each Tuesday and shared some great learning. Regularity is key to growth, and the information they share I believe is of much wider appeal than just the speakers authors and coaches they target so well worth joining and watching. I’ve posted a link to their back catalogue but not sure you’ll see it if not a member yet, here’s the main link:

I was watching the latest one and thinking how relevant it was to this conversation, it would be great to build community like they have!

How to Grow An Engaged FB Group

Who is your ideal client & how do you find them?


Another great resource I enjoyed recently was from The Coaching Masters. Of relevance to this conversation is how they use questionnaires to discover what courses to build and who their customer is, they don’t create anything before selling it. I think that’s in the first video.

It’s quite ‘cheesey’ and full of cliches and intrinsically I am not a huge fan of what they do but I like learning how they do it because, well first of all it works, and also there’s plenty of great, down to earth advice underneath all the showmanship. Here’s the recent 6 hours of free training they gave, probably easier to listen to the last half of the first two sessions and first half of the last as the rest is just build up and up selling, but at the end of the day that’s what we’re trying to do here, market Holochain. It’s a completely new technology so shares some of the same issues as selling coaching and training - it’s a sale where you have to explain, not just a “I need that” although of course we would all love it to be that simple.

Hello everyone! I have spent some time going through these forums (I am new here) and really enjoyed the conversation. There is some very exciting things going on here! Is there anyone who maybe interested in collaborating with Jonny Stang on the HoloTube (YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYScrQVJFx0ipkkvz9FYfLQ)? This is a 24/7 Livestream based on Holochain/Holo/ Holofuel. Every night, Jonny Stang goes live each night at 20:00 GMT and often has guests on the live who have an interest in the project and can offer information to the community. It would be great to get a developer’s perspective and/or unique insight. Please let me know if anyone is interested! We’d love to have you!

Hi @christinambarba!

I subscribed to the channel and noticed it was live so watched for a bit but it seemed very focused on the “crypto market” about prices going up and down and this one was going to go “sky high” soon etc. which totally turned me off, and from what I’ve experienced so far, it would to many others too as instead of essentially gambling, people are investing their time and experience trying to solve real world problems - most of which are created by this very world view - a skewed priority one.

I’ve had another quick look and there is a range of videos on the channel so perhaps my initial views are incorrect, however I find in 99.999999% of times if people are interested in the value of a stock then any conversation about the development side will be for the purpose of figuring out when their stock is going to go up.

that’s my 2p, it’s only my personal view, I am one of billions of those fractals of the universe :smiley: