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How can I build an app on top of Holochain?

Few years ago, having designed a National Population Registry, I worked with some ideas that are reflected in this blog:

Currently, I am designing a system based on the above blog where Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are among essential parts. Currently, the kernel is being written in Scala and would be compatible with any JVM language. Having said that, if necessary various components may be developed and run as remote services, e.g. via REST API.

I am searching for an API that gives a jumpstart into Holochain, i.e. makes it possible to write and run smart contracts in Holochain for things like issuing a Birth Certificate, Purchase a house, Inheritance of some assets etc as described in the blog.

I wonder if you could kindly guide me to an API/Howto that provides sufficient functionality to interact with Holochain as mentioned above?

In advance, thank you very much.

Best regards

Nader Aeinehchi

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