How about the idea of HolochainHubs?

I would like to share an idea and ask the community if that is desirable:

I asked myself how I could promote a Holochain community in Germany?

At the moment, I find many individual communities hosting Holochain Meetups. But what if we unite and at least form a hub network on the Internet?
I’d like to set up the website - if I’m allowed to - and with a few others from the community. HolochainHub would be an information and learning platform. We start as a network of independent hubs in different countries/communities. I would like to start with a Holochain Impact Hub in Frankfurt and hope that other Holochain communities in different local hubs around the world will join a hub network that shares resources and knowledge, but everyone can remain independent.

The vision is to inform all stakeholders in their own community/country about Holochain, Holo and its ecosystem, explain the technology, present use cases, organize events and organize working groups on interdisciplinary topics. We could maintain the site on Gihtub together and each community could have its own regional hub page.

What do you think? Would that make sense to you?


Count me in.

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Count me in as well. I’m organizing events in Switzerland and have been attending the hAppathons in europe this autumn to learn more about Holochain development and connect with the people.

My personal vision is to connect local communities and work more closely together, with my focus being in Europe. We are already growing a network of organizers and helping each other to organize events, a DevCamp and a pool of skilled people to support projects.


Sounds like a good idea.

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Hey, thank you so much for your positive feedback! That’s great that you support it. Then let’s think together about how we can put this into practice.

I don’t know yet what the Holochain core team thinks about this idea and what I’m allowed to do and what I’m not allowed to do and how it is with the copyright etc…

But I want to be as transparent as possible and document everything here in the forum. And if something is not desired or I should change something, then one can come very gladly to me!

I have tinkered something with my website…but this is only an idea/a first draft. Everybody can build his own website as he likes. I think the only important thing is that we “network” at the end by drawing attention to the other hubs and exchanging ideas.

My idea for Holochain Hub Frankfurt is:

  1. explain Holochain, Holo and Mutual Credit Cryptocurrency in an understandable way,
  2. promote Meetups, Hackathons and various Holochain projects,
  3. and above all to highlight the impact of Holochain and its projects!

I work in the Social Impact Lab in Frankfurt - an incubator for Social Entrepreneurship incl. a co-working space. In the future we can organize Holochain Meetups here, but I still need helpers and supporters. If you know someone in Germany who would like to do something in Frankfurt am Main…please feel free to contact me!

And if anyone has ideas for creating or themes for the “Holochain - Learning Ressources”…I would love to hear them!


As an example of a hub, I like what Paralelní Polis in Prague created - a concept of a community space open to be forked. As a result of this there are Paralell Polis(es) already in more than three european cities.

It would be nice to co-create a standardised/open concept for a Holochain hub aswell.
I guess that is exactly what you @newprometheus were talking about anyway : )

I think most of us that are aspiring to do this will start by renting time at already existing hubs. Maybe it would be also nice to have an open standard / to research approaches that are working well in creating presentations and the overall identity of these events.

Later we will hopefully transition to physical spaces dedicated mainly to Holochain and projects built upon Holochain. It will take a bit of time and effort to reach that stage for most of us. But when we do, it will be good to also let the hubs be open to other platforms, projects and to events of all kinds. Not only to make the sustainability of such hub easier but to have more diversity of ideas flowing through it.

Lets gather ideas and co-create this concept !

holochain hub smaller


Is there already a github repo with the resources and ideas to create a concept/model of a holochain hub ?

If not I am going to create one today. Lets gather ideas :slight_smile:



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Same here - I’m a Holochain community organizer in New York


Following as I’m in Hamburg, Germany…

@newprometheus can you please help clarify:

If this is an initiative to help HoloChain community enthusiasts to build following and members within ImpactHub???

@Anton check out artifacts created here for community organizers:

Also check out posts by @ruta.zem which is so interesting when in comes to thinking and building a “Community Narrative”

@raphisee is it possible to bring your DevCamp efforts online in line with what we have @sidsthalekar and @guillemcordoba are doing with #events:virtual-hackalong creating a well crafted HistoricalThreads acquiring value in terms of #learning-library where we could build secondary well crafted articles linking to those event artifacts for newcomers arriving to the Forum. Also from that Library you can pull off material for your site or bring the audience to the Forum, there by making forum a kind of central hub for serious - Documentation!? Attracting participants with high level of engagement as well as record of deep thoughtful interactions.

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