Hi, I’ve read around a bit and seen a few posts about the differences in HOT and holofuel but nobody has concluded and it’s something that I’m concerned about… Will HF make HOT completely redundant? When the swap comes out I’m sure we all need to swap to HF right? What is the purpose of HOT? all the previous posts I’ve seen have stated the use of HF but not HOT.

Thanks guys!

Thank you for your post, I have the same questions.

After the 6 month swap period, HOT will remain a reserve currency with a free-floating exchange rate with HF. Reserve currency means hosts will be able to redeem HF earned through hosting to get HOT, which may still be more widely available on exchanges early on. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to swap or not, but it seems logical to swap into the asset-backed currency IMO.

FYI (@Trarush as well) this Forum is more intended for developer discussion, and generally these kinds of questions are more common on the Holo-hosting subreddit, e.g.,

Thanks, how do you swap and when will the swap be tho? And fyi the subreddit it dead af you’ll never get an answer there

It is more active than this Forum for these kinds of questions. You will find this question answered there dozens of times. If you can’t find it, make a new post there.