Good Now!

Hope you are all well.

I just wanted to post here to share a related (complimentary) open-source project I’ve just started, and currently crowd-funding (until 18th May).

The video on the page explains it and there are other details on the page, but for those of you who are familiar with Holochain, I have made this comparison table, which compares “holoweb(s)” to “Holochain”:


And a semi-technical presentation:


(if any of these links are broken, please go here: https://larcombe.io/2020/04/28/holoform-presentation/)

The project is inspired by both Holochain and Scuttlebut.

Additional information

Here is some additional information and key points

  • It is a “semantic web” data structure, designed for decentralised implementation - so emphasis is on this
  • holoweb is an abbreviation of holonic/holonomic web (from the word holon)
  • A holoweb can be stored in/on a Holochain application DHT, using a Holoweb DNA (in development soon, will be on Github)
  • Holowebs are designed to be stored/synced via many systems (they are by default “network agnostic”)
  • “Holoweb System” refers to implementation of “the holoweb” (set of all holowebs), including browser and core apps
  • Will not be dependent on any one network stack - will have its own networking stack
  • Mobile-first implementation (prioritising portability)
  • Will be integrating it with Holochain once Holochain is ready on Android devices (e.g., providing a local web-socket server to conductor)

I will post an update here when I have something ready and working. No website yet, but if you want to stay updated, please subscribe to this Telegram channel: t.me/holoweb

If you have any questions, comments, or want to be involved, please contact me on Telegram: t.me/larcombe.


With love,
Chris Larcombe