Holoport to sell

Hello dear holo family,
Unfortunately I am obliged to sell my dearest and most beloved Holoport, and to my great regret.
I received it only a few weeks ago.
It is a classic Holoport, link to the shop for the characteristics.

The plug is type F Europe/Russia. You can use an adaptor :wink:
I can send it anywhere, even outside Europe.

I let you send me a message, i can’t put pictures here !

Best regards,

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Hello Gregoire,

I am interested!

Hello Nathan,
Send me a email to gregoire.laurent.perso@gmail.com
it will be easier

Let me know if the buyer doesnt follow through

Hey @fik2067, I have exactly the same HoloPort for sale if you’re still looking for one :slight_smile: Let me know and feel free to send me a direct message for further talks. Cheers!

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