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Holoport not working

Hi , Today only I received my first holoport. Unfortunately it doesn’t turn on . I feel like it’s a manufacturing defect . Can some guide me how to proceed or correct me if I need to do anything . Thanks .

Only the adapter has green light . The holoport doesn’t turn on at all . No light or sound that it turned on .

Hey! Sorry to hear it isn’t starting up easily for you!

I recommend going to the Holo Hosting Forum for this question!

Yes I have been following the same steps . But looks like my port doesn’t even turn on . Some manufacturers issue I suppose. I have shared a video to help desk . I wish they resolve it .

Hi @Ashrithreddyy sorry to hear you got a faulty Holo Port. I hear you already created a ticket with Customer Service. Could you share the the ticket number with me so that I can better help you?
Also could you send me a direct message of the order number of your HoloPort?

Have you already received an Invite to Holo Forum? You’ll have quicker responses there.


Warm wishes


Hi @lucas.tauil Thanks for looking into it . My ticket number is 29564 . Hope it gets resolved. No I haven’t received any invitation yet

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