HoloPort for sale [UK]

Hello everyone. My first post here, I recently picked up a HoloPort from a house clearance. It is all boxed up, cables are still tied, there’s a little usb stick wrapped up also. The specs on the side of the unit say 8GB DDR4, 3.5GHz pentium dual core, 1TB HDD. I’m looking for £150 + shipping. I can list it on eBay or we can do PayPal goods/services. Would prefer eBay though for both our protection. Sadly I won’t be able to answer any technical questions as I don’t know it well enough. But you could always ask and hope another friendly member could answer!



Hey Max!
I would be interested in buying. I live in Germany so shipping would probably add another 15€ or so according to UPS but that’s no problem.


Hi Lorenz could you private message me on the forum and I can setup an eBay listing for you



Hello Max, if you haven’t sold this yet, I guess an auction on ebay would be better, since the item has an high demand.

I’m also willing to buy it, obviously on ebay for both of us safety.

Hey MrBiz

Sure, could you private message me and I’ll list it up on ebay for you


Hello Max, unfortunately I am not able to send Dms in this forum. Do you have an Email or an Ebay profile or Telegram account I can write to?

Hello, send me over an email - maboatlenovo1212@gmail.com



Hello Max,

Just for safety, I sent you an email from my address.
francescorigna99@gmail.com .
Hope to hear from you soon.

Hello, Me and Max had contacts via Email and I bought the product from him, on Ebay.
Finally, the Holoport has arrived, so I believe we can close this topic.

Cheers, MrBiz