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HoloPort for Dummies help?

Hi all,

I purchased a HoloPort+ back in 2019, and it’s just been sitting on top of my PC for a year and a half. I’d love to get involved and start earning holofuel, but I’m not the most technically savvy human, so I’m not quite sure what I’m doing with it.

I remember setting up my port, but at the time I couldn’t get past the admin login page, and things stayed at that point for so long that I just shut off the box and it’s been sitting there since then. I’m not even quite sure how to get back to the admin login page.

Anyone have any words of wisdom as to how to get up and running? Apologies for the luddite-ness of this post in a forum of tech wizards.

Thanks for your help!!

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I’m in a similar position to @rshrime Ryan. I’ve been assuming that if I keep checking with this forum I will at some point (hopefully quite soon) an instruction to all of us who bought our Holoports but aren’t high level techies to participate, but perhaps I have missed something. Gary


I’m also a HoloPort owner and non technical. You’ll want to go to the HoloForum ( forum.holo.host ) for help with your HoloPorts. It’s where all the instructions and latest updates live.

It’s an exciting time! If you can’t get into the Forum (you should have been invited by email), connect with @lucas.tauil. I hope to get updated myself later this week!!!

Great you can join us!


Thank you, Anita! I’m on the forum, but there’s so much I get overwhelmed by it. :slight_smile: Is there anything more available than just the Elemental Chat or is that it? I just got an email about resetting the HoloPort to test the chat. I’ll follow those steps. Want to make sure I’m not missing out on anything!

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@rshrime, here’s what I understand so far about Elemental chat. It’s meant to help test the system…not be a full Holochain application. So I think the point is that the Holo Team feels ready for more Hosts to test elemental Chat.

I KNOW I’ll need tech support, so don’t ever worry about asking for it. And, the Holo Forum is THE place to ask for that help.

If you can’t find your email invite, let Lucas know at @lucas.tauil. And, feel free to tag me if you get stuck! We’ll all get through soon and enjoy the testing!!



Thank you so much for all your help! Happy to be a part of the community!!