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Holoport Energy; Sustainability and Happiness Thrashout

We seem to have a next generation decentralized hardware platform that’s generally way ahead on energy efficiency.

What kind of software do you want to be able to host?

What objectives do you want to be achieved by hosted hApps?

How would the hosting community be able to choose which hApp they would like to host?


The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

Let’s capitalize on the Holo infrastructure to improve certifications worldwide to protect Primary Ecosystem Services and move beyond dead trees and Carbon to living Photosynthetic-biomass and Oxygen.

Let’s use Holo to leave fossil fuels behind us for good and understand the Satanic Formula for what it really is.

fossil Hydrocarbon+biotic Oxygen=> new Carbon dioxide+new Water vapour+Energy
f = Fossil Origin fuels (100’s of millions of years cycle)
b = Biotic Origin, (10’s of thousands of years cycle) which is a lost to living breathing beings after combustion, as extracting Oxygen back from water takes a lot of energy, effectively it’s lost to the biosphere.
n = New, both these are two powerful atmospheric forcings that directly contribute to the greenhouse effect, I may add that it’s a runaway effect with catastrophic consequences for our delicate climate.

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Let’s get a worldwide schools environmental education program going, develop indicator species for certification of land use and for the marketing of environmental friendly & nutrition rich products. The good food (& much-more😁) eBay, locally sourced, species friendly poly-culture grown, beyond organic rated, accounted for and tracked fresh produce, delivered free of Carbon, from planting to your plate.

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Love this perspective. Under this same logic I foresee Holochain proliferating in the developing world faster than the developed world…No need to fight the old system in places the old system has no reach!