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Holoport Docker image

Hello, I just learned you deliver official Holoports as dedicated hardware boxes. Is an official Holoport also available as a Docker image? If not, it would be very cool to have it as a Docker image on DockerHub, that we can run (in multitudes) on any kubernetes cluster, or also on a local Docker environment? Any plans or roadmap for this?

It’s on the roadmap that the image will be released in the future, but in the beginning it’s only available through the HoloPorts. This is partly to reward the early supporters of Holo, but mainly to keep hardware consistent during the testing phases so that support doesn’t have to account for wildly different setups.


Hey, not to be rude or anything, but where exactly is it in the roadmap? Can’t see… [It’s probably my screen’s utterly low brightness, haha!] Are you talking about the Holochain roadmap? The link refers to Holo’s roadmap…

You’re right, it doesn’t actually appear on that roadmap now that I look closer. Oops… :sweat_smile:

I know that it belongs there, though. They probably just haven’t listed it since they have to select a subsection of all the promises to put on there? I’m not sure…

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